Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is price a factor to consider?
At Mairki Ltd, we offer a range of bed prices based on design and style choices. Our commitment to exceptional quality remains unwavering, ensuring that we surpass our own standards. We provide affordable bed frames without compromising on the quality we deliver.
What's currently trending?
Our Luxe Panel Design Bed frame is currently the most popular and sought-after choice among our customers. This recently launched design is just the beginning, as we are continuously developing new collections with upcoming designs.
How long can I expect my bed to last?
The durability of a bed varies depending on its usage. When you start experiencing discomfort with your bed or mattress after approximately a year, it is usually an indication that it's time to consider replacing either the bed frame or, more commonly, the mattress. Our bed frames are reinforced with strong timber wood, ensuring great quality and longevity.
How can I dispose of my old bed?
We provide a convenient service of removing your old bed. When our courier delivers your new bed frame, you have the option to exchange your old bed and mattress, saving you a trip to the local disposal facility. Please note that this service is not obligatory but rather an added convenience we offer.
Do I need to purchasea new base if I replace my old mattress?
We always recommend purchasing both a base and mattress from our collection, as our designs are intended to work harmoniously together, providing optimal support and complementing each other. It's important to ensure accurate and matching measurements for the base and mattress to ensure a proper fit.
Will a more expensivebed guarantee better sleep?
The price of a bed does not guarantee superior comfort, as individual preferences play a significant role. While a solid, low-priced bed may not provide the desired comfort, it ultimately depends on personal preference. In many cases, our customers opt for a higher-priced, softer mattress due to its quality and additional fillings, enhancing the sleep experience.
How can I maximizethe benefits of my mattress?
To fully enjoy the benefits of your new mattress from Mairki Ltd, it's important to allow your bodyweight and size to settle into it. Over time, the mattress will adapt to your body, providing you with a restful night's sleep. Depending on the type of mattress you've purchased, it is recommended to periodically rotate or flip it to extend its longevity.
Can a firm bedalleviate my aches and pains?
The type of mattress you choose plays a vital role in addressing aches and pains. At Mairki Ltd, we understand the importance of finding the right mattress for your individual needs. We offer a range of mattress types, such as memory foam or orthopedic mattresses, which are designed to accommodate specific requirements, including back pain relief.
What are the available bed sizes?
There are no universal guidelines or legal requirements for bed sizes, leading to confusion in the industry. At Mairki Ltd, we work closely with major mattress suppliers and manufacturers to determine appropriate sizing that accommodates 90% of mattress types. We recommend purchasing a complete set, including the bed frame and mattress, from a single supplier to avoid any sizing discrepancies. Here are the common bed sizes we offer: - Single: 3ft x 6ft 3in (90 x 190cm) - Double: 4ft 6in x 6ft 3in (135 x 190cm) - King: 5ft x 6ft 6in (150 x 200cm) - Super King: 6ft x 6ft 6in (180 x 200cm)
Are there anydelivery restrictions?
At Mairki Ltd, our delivery services are limited to England, Scotland, and Wales. We regret to inform you that we currently do not offer deliveries to Northern Ireland, Ireland, Channel Islands, Gweynedd, Shetland, or Orkney. Below is a list of postcodes to which we are unable to deliver: - AB - BA - BH - BN - BS - BT - CA - CF - CO - CT - DD - DG - DT - EX - FK - GL - GY - IP - IV - JE - KA - KW - KY - LA - LD - LL - ME - NP - NR - PA - PH - PL - PO - SA - SN - SO - SP - SY - TA - TN - TQ - TR - ZE
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