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Super King Size Bed: Exploring Frames, Dimensions & Benefits

Did you know that super king size mattresses are the largest standard bed sizes available at Bensons? They are the ideal choice for couples or individuals who prefer extra room while sleeping, especially when it comes to a super king size bed frame. Whether you're looking for a super king size bed with mattress or a super king size bed frame with storage, we have the perfect super king size bed set for you. 

  • Super king size mattresses are the largest standard bed sizes available at Bensons. They are ideal for couples or individuals who prefer extra room while sleeping. It provides additional space and comfort.
  • Websites offers a variety of sets with mattresses and frames. These mattresses provide a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. Super king size beds with storage maximize the functionality of your bedroom.
  • Super king size mattresses offer ample storage space for a restful night's sleep. It is a great place to find the perfect super king size mattress for your needs. It caters to those desiring ample space without compromising on style and quality.



Understanding Super King Bed Dimensions

Generous Sleeping Space

Super king size mattresses typically measure 180cm x 200cm, offering generous sleeping space. This means that two adults can comfortably sleep on adjustable beds and mattresses without feeling cramped or restricted by the dimensions of the bed. Additionally, for those who enjoy watching TV in bed, TV beds are also available for a more convenient viewing experience.

  • The super king size bed frame provides ample room for movement during sleep, ensuring a more comfortable and restful experience. Adjustable beds are also available for those who prefer customized sleeping positions.
  • Additionally, some super king size bed frames even come with built-in TV functionality, making them perfect for those who enjoy watching television in bed.
  • The generous dimensions of a super king bed make it ideal for taller individuals or those who like to stretch out while sleeping. Taller people often struggle with standard-sized beds as their feet may hang over the edge, leading to discomfort and disrupted sleep.
  • With a king size bed, there is plenty of room for even the tallest individuals to fully stretch out and relax without any concerns about fitting within the confines of the mattress.

Choosing the Right Bedding

Understanding the dimensions of a super king bed is crucial. It ensures that fitted sheets, duvets, and other linens are appropriately sized to fit the mattress perfectly. Ill-fitting bedding can be frustrating and lead to discomfort during sleep due to constant readjustment or slippage. By knowing the exact measurements of a king size bed, individuals can select bedding that fits snugly and looks aesthetically pleasing on their expansive mattress.


Types of Super King Beds and Their Features

Platform Beds

Platform beds are a popular choice for super king size beds. These beds feature a sturdy, solid base that eliminates the need for a box spring. The low-profile design of platform beds creates a sleek and modern look in the bedroom, making them ideal for contemporary decor styles.

Platform beds often come with built-in storage options such as drawers underneath the mattress, providing convenient space-saving solutions. Some platform bed models offer integrated nightstands or shelving units on the headboard, allowing users to keep essentials within arm's reach.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh beds are known for their elegant and sophisticated appearance. The distinctive curved or scrolled headboard and footboard give these king size beds a timeless appeal. Many sleigh beds design incorporate decorative details like intricate carvings or tufted upholstery, adding luxurious charm to the bedroom.

Sleigh beds typically offer ample support and comfort due to their solid construction and high-quality materials. They serve as focal points in bedrooms, creating an inviting atmosphere while offering exceptional relaxation during sleep.

Styles of Super King Bed Frames


Super king bed frames come in various styles to suit different preferences. A popular choice is the contemporary style, characterized by sleek lines, modern finishes, and a king size bed frame. This style often features materials like metal or leather, creating a sophisticated and stylish look for your bedroom. The contemporary super king bed frame can be an excellent addition to a modern or urban-themed bedroom decor.

The traditional style offers a timeless and classic appeal, with ornate details, rich wood finishes, and elegant craftsmanship. These ornate brass frames exude warmth and charm, making them ideal for traditional or vintage-inspired bedroom settings. A traditional super king bed frame can serve as a focal point in a room adorned with antique furniture pieces or intricate patterns.


For those drawn to natural elements and earthy aesthetics, the rustic style is an appealing option. Rustic super king bed frames often feature distressed wood or reclaimed materials that add character and warmth to the bedroom space. This style pairs well with farmhouse, cottagecore, or bohemian interior themes.

A minimalist super king bed frame embodies simplicity and clean lines that contribute to an uncluttered environment. With its understated design and focus on functionality, this style complements contemporary interiors while promoting a sense of tranquility in the bedroom.

Benefits of Owning a Super King Size Bed

Undisturbed Sleep          

A super king size bed offers ample space for undisturbed sleep, allowing you to stretch out and move freely without encroaching on your partner's side. This means no more waking up due to being cramped or disturbed by restless sleepers.

This extra room provides the freedom to find the perfect sleeping position without feeling confined, resulting in a deeper and more restful night's sleep. With enough space to spread out comfortably, you can enjoy uninterrupted slumber throughout the night.

Personal Space for Couples

For couples sharing a bed, a super king size bed ensures that each person has their own personal space while still enjoying closeness with their partner. The expansive surface area allows both individuals to have plenty of room without compromising on comfort.

With this luxurious amount of space, there is no need to feel crowded or restricted during sleep. Both partners can maintain their preferred sleeping positions and movements without disturbing each other, leading to improved quality of rest and overall well-being.

Storage Solutions in Super King Beds

Built-In Options

Some super king beds offer built-in storage solutions such as drawers or ottomans, providing extra space to store bedding, pillows, and other items. These options are cleverly designed to maximize the use of the available space within the high-quality beds.

For example, a super king bed with under-bed drawers can be an excellent choice for keeping spare linens or off-season clothing neatly tucked away but easily accessible. This is especially useful for those who have limited closet space or simply want to declutter their bedroom.

Organizational Benefits

Utilizing these storage solutions not only maximizes the utility of your super king bed but also helps in keeping your bedroom organized and clutter-free. By having designated spaces within your bed for storage, you can maintain a tidy and serene sleeping environment.

In smaller bedrooms with limited space, super king beds with built-in storage prove to be invaluable. They allow individuals to enjoy the luxury of a spacious bed while efficiently utilizing every inch of available floor area for practical purposes like storage.

Choosing the Right Super King Size Bedding

Thread Count, Material, and Design

Considering factors like thread count, material, and design is crucial. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the sheets will feel against your skin. Opt for materials such as Egyptian cotton or bamboo for their breathability and comfort. Pay attention to the design of the bedding to complement your bedroom's aesthetic.

It's important to select pillows that are appropriately sized for a super king bed. Oversized pillows can add extra comfort while maintaining a visually appealing look on such a large bed. Duvets should be chosen based on both warmth and style - thicker duvets are ideal choices in colder climates while lighter ones work well in warmer areas.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Properly fitting bedding enhances not only the overall aesthetic appeal of a king size bed but also contributes significantly to better sleep quality. When selecting sheets, ensure they fit snugly over the mattress without being too tight or loose. This creates an inviting look while ensuring maximum comfort during sleep.

To maintain visual balance with ample storage solutions discussed earlier in this guide, consider coordinating your bedding with other bedroom furniture elements such as headboards or bedside tables. This cohesive approach ties together all aspects of your bedroom decor into one harmonious space.

Where to Buy Quality Super King Size Beds

Reputable Furniture Stores

Reputable furniture stores, both online and offline, are excellent places to find a king size bed. These stores often offer a wide selection of high-quality beds in various styles and materials. Visiting physical stores allows you to see the beds in person, providing an opportunity to assess their quality and comfort. Knowledgeable staff members can assist you in finding the perfect super king size bed for your needs.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are convenient platforms for purchasing a king size bed due to their extensive range of options. Websites such as Amazon, Way fair, and Overstock provide access to numerous brands, styles, and price points all in one place. This convenience eliminates the need to visit multiple physical stores or websites when searching for the ideal bed. Furthermore, online reviews from other customers can offer valuable insights into the quality and durability of specific super king mattress.

Researching customer reviews is essential when seeking reliable sources for purchasing a king size bed. By reading feedback from previous buyers on websites like Trust pilot or Google Reviews, you can gain valuable information about the overall shopping experience with different retailers. Positive reviews often indicate that a store provides excellent customer service and delivers high-quality products consistently.


Understanding Dimensions

When considering a king size bed, it's crucial to understand its dimensions. This ensures that the bed fits comfortably in the room without overwhelming the space. Take into account the length, width, and height to ensure it aligns with your room's layout and provides ample space for movement.

 king size beds typically measure 6 feet by 6 feet 6 inches or 6 feet by 7 feet. Understanding these dimensions will help you make an informed decision when selecting the right bed for your room.

Exploring Different Bed Frames and Styles

The choice of bed frame and style plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. From traditional wooden frames to contemporary upholstered designs, there is a variety of options to suit different preferences.

Consider exploring options such as divan bases, ottoman storage beds, or sleigh beds. Each style offers unique features and benefits, so it's essential to choose one that complements your room's design while providing the desired comfort and support.

Considering Storage Solutions

For those looking to save space and maintain a clutter-free bedroom, opting for a king size bed with built-in storage can be a practical solution. Ottoman beds, for example, offer ample under-bed storage, perfect for stowing away extra bedding, pillows, or seasonal clothing.

Investing in a high-quality super king size bed not only ensures comfort and luxury but also provides a functional storage solution to keep your bedroom organised and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a super king size bed?

A super king size bed typically measures 180cm x 200cm, providing ample space for couples to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other.

How do I choose the right super king size bedding?

When selecting bedding for a king size bed, ensure that you opt for sheets and duvet covers specifically designed for this larger mattress to guarantee a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

What are the benefits of owning a super king size bed?

Owning a king size bed provides plenty of space for relaxation, promotes better sleep quality, reduces disturbances from your sleeping partner, and offers luxurious comfort akin to staying in high-end hotels.

Where can I find quality super king size beds?

You can find quality king size beds at reputable furniture stores, specialised bedding retailers, or online platforms known for their wide selection of premium bedroom furniture. It's important to research customer reviews and ratings before making your purchase.

How can I maximise storage solutions in my super king bed?

To maximise storage in your super king bed, consider options such as ottoman-style bases or beds with built-in drawers underneath. These king size bed frames provide convenient spaces to store extra linens, pillows or seasonal clothing while keeping them easily accessible. Whether you choose a king size bed with mattress or a king size bed frame with storage, you'll have plenty of space to keep everything organized. Complete your bedroom with a  king size bed set for a stylish and functional sleeping space.



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